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    Your DIY Guide to making a Gift Hamper

    There’s something about a personalised hamper that we just can’t go past when choosing a present to spoil our loved ones with. Not only are you giving a thoughtful gift by carefully selecting each individual item, but they truly are one of the most versatile gifts on the market, and they can reuse the box as a keepsake! You can create a hamper full of goodies for any occasion. For the purpose of today’s blog, we’ve gone ahead and tailored the gifts to the theme of “Ultimate Relaxation”. This one is perfect for any ladies in your life who are in desperate need of some quality ‘Me Time’ time to unwind and relax.

    So what should you include in your hamper? This is where the personal aspect comes into play. You need to make sure that each element of your hamper is tailored to suit your lovely lady’s needs. A hamper full of goodies they will actually use makes it that little bit more special! To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of ‘essentials’ that you can use as a starting point to create your own! Happy packing, ladies!
    What is more relaxing than sipping a nice glass of wine while taking a long, relaxing soak in the tub? We’d personally like to say nothing! If your special lady is a lover of wine, this one is a no brainer. Make sure you pick up a bottle of something you already know she loves. This is not the time for experimenting with new tastes!
    Scented Candle
    Scented candles are the perfect way to create an instant chilled atmosphere. Not only does candlelight produce beautiful mood-lighting, but a beautiful scent is proven to have positive impacts on your mood! Think carefully about this before you choose a scent. Try to reach down into the depths of your memory and pull out that recollection of the time she randomly exclaimed how much she ‘just loves the smell of roses’.
    Snacks are essential to the relaxation process. They don’t call it comfort food for nothing! We recommend stepping it up past your usual block of choccie or pack of tim tams - she can eat those any time! Pick up that gourmet treat you know she loves but only buys for special occasions. She’ll thank you for it later.
    Bath Product
    What direction you take this in is completely up to you. If you know your special lady loves to take a nice long soak in the tub, pick up some yummy scented bath products to make the process that much more enjoyable. If she’s not the bath type, opt for a different kind of bathroom pamper. Face masks, body lotions, hand creams - the possibilities are endless!
    A nice cup of tea before bed will cement the relaxation vibes. Pick up a pack of her favourite herbal tea to maximise the effect. If she’s not a big tea drinker, why not stick to the classics? Some good old fancy hot chocolate mix will do the trick just as well!
    A Good Read
    This is where you really get a chance to let your thoughtfulness shine. Does she have a favourite Magazine? Is she big on romance novels? Is she in need of some self motivation/inspiration? Major props to you if you manage to beat her to the punch and buy her that book you know she’s been hanging out to read forever!
    So there you have it! We hope we’ve inspired you to spoil a special lady in your life with her very own, homemade and personal ‘Ultimate Relaxation’ Gift Hamper.
    If you’re short of time or stuck for ideas, you can check out some of the hampers we sell here:

    The Psychology of Gift Giving

    The Psychology of Gift Giving


    How people react to gifts matters hugely to the giver and the receiver.



    We all want to give a gift that brings delight to the other person right? And when receiving a gift there is always an expectation we should react in a certain way.

    There's always a strong pressure to be grateful for a gift, even if it's something we secretly don't like. Does anyone else's voice pitch go up dramatically with their "thank youuuuuu, you didn't have to do thaaaaat" response (meanwhile secretly wishing they didn't, because this hideous waste of money isn't going on sight anywhere in your house!!) lol
    Research has studied people’s attitudes to giving and receiving gifts that fail miserably to please their recipients, as well as the indirect signals that leak out when someone pretends to like a gift they actually hate. 
    How you handle the gift-giving situation is very important because the wrong gift can potentially change relationships. I know I have received some gifts over the years from close girlfriends and upon opening the gift, realised how even some of my closest friends,  don't know me at all! 
    From this, we now live in a world of giving cash or store vouchers as gifts - very impersonal and without a doubt the easy way out. Last year I witnessed two people on Christmas day, both gift each other an envelope of cash. Some of you out there would probably be over the moon with that scenario but I would be horrified if that happened to me! But saying that, I LOVE gift-giving and have now made it my career.
    Now, i would be lying if I didn't say I winced at the Porcelain Dolly my Grandmother gave me for MY 21st BIRTHDAY!! Hello! I'm 21 Grandma not bloody 12!!! What that experience has taught me though (apart from realising how unfamiliar and unaware she was of one her many grandchildren, bless her) is that times like that produce memories. As a family we talk and laugh about it in memory of the late great Thelma Hubbard. But if she had of given me a card with cash that day, as big as the smile on my face would have been, I wouldn't remember it at all, ALL these years later. 
    This brings me to the topic of re-gifting (thanks granny). If you haven't already re-gifted a present, I promise you, you have been on the receiving end of one. I am personally all for re-gifting, as long as the said gift is going to someone that it is more suited to. Definitely don't ever re-gift at the last minute to save yourself a trip to the shops. A thoughtless gift can be seen and more importantly felt a million miles away. Unfortunately, due to our lives becoming increasingly more and more time poor, sometimes it's unavoidable as the only other option is to give nothing. #awkward
    Another gifting encounter we have all experienced is the good old Wedding Wishing Well. (Insert rolled eyes emoticon here) Now this has probably been at every wedding I have attended in the last 10 years at least. And most likely at the person who is reading this blog. #sorrynotsorry
    The first few years I got on the Wishing Well bandwagon with everybody else but now I am personally really over it and have now decided to always give a tangible gift, you know, so they can 'talk and laugh' about me for years to come lol. Usually I gift one of my Boutique Gift Boxes that I custom design to the couples taste and style etc. I do realise that it can be lots of fun when sitting and counting all the money you have been given but believe me, judgements fly around the room in these scenarios like the bride and groom's knickers were the night before. 
    So what's the right answer. All we can really do is what feels right and financially viable for us. One thing I have always said is we know a year out that Christmas and Birthdays are coming up and there really isn't actually any excuse to be un-organised. Even more so with the likes of a growing number of amazing on-line stores offering personalised gifts delivered to your (or your friends) door. 
    Do you believe people reveal what they really think of a gift through their gestures and non-verbal communication? Which gifts do you think are most likely to succeed or fail? Who gets the most anxious about gift-giving, men or women? Am I the only one that is no longer a fan of the Wishing Well?




    Check out our website http://www.hamperandhamper.com.au/ if you are ever stuck for gift inspiration.


    Bijour xoxo





    What's trending now is MARBLE MADNESS! This beautiful design is everywhere right now. I'm seeing everything from clocks, watch's, coasters, bowls, bread boards, serving boards, candles, phone cases, bench tops and fabrics just to name a few. And it's like we cant get enough of it. 



    Marble & Marble Giftbox


    Just in time for Christmas, Hamper & Hamper have put together a little something special as a gift for that  someone special or maybe something to put on your own Christmas Wish List this year.

    Our Marble & Marble Hamper includes  

    • Salus Body's Organic Lavender & Jasmine Heat Pillow. A soothing blend of Organic Lavender, Wild Jasmine and Australian Wheat for relaxation and muscular relief.
    • Salus Body's Lemon Myrtle Milk Soap.  Purify and balance with this cleansing bar of creamy goats milk, invogorating lemon myrtle, protective shea butter and vitamin e. A luxurious experience to deeply cleanse and nourish. Suitable for face and body.
    • Marble Mortar & Pestle.  The Mortar & Pestle are ancient tools no kitchen should be without. They're handy for everything from cracking peppercorns to crushing tender herbs and spices. They also look great as a decorative piece in your kitchen!


    All Giftboxes come beautifully wrapped with ribbon and a beautifully scented dried flower arrangement.

    Christmas Hampers Available On-line Now!!





    Be organised this Christmas and Order your Christmas Hampers Now!!!




    My Christmas Hamper is the perfect pamper gift.

    Designed to be everything you need for a relaxing bath during the silly season.


    • A piccolo of Maggie Beer's Sparkling Ruby Cabernet. A non-alcoholic wine made from the juice of Cabernet grapes; Sparkling Ruby Cabernet has the bead of champagne and the mouth feel of a good wine. Rose petals and crushed strawberries on the nose are complemented on the palate with green tea characters that finish crisp and dry with a note of citrus and sour cherry flavours.
    • Church Farm General Store's home grown Handmade Soap Bundles with no artificial colours, fragrances and always palm oil free
    • Church Farm General Store's Herbal Bath Soak with Colloidal Oatmeal + unbleached cotton muslin bag
    • Hand Carved baby foot pumice stone
    • 15hr burn time Fragrant Candle (scent will be selected from a broad range)
    • A hand picked Pine Cone for decoration
    • Christmas Card including Personal Message if requested




    Order now at hamperandhamper.com.au or

    email hamperandhamper@outlook.com

    Hamper & Hamper coming to The Village Markets soon!


    Hamper & Hamper will be holding a stall at the Burleigh Village Markets in October. We will be selling a special range of Christmas Hampers along with our online range of Hampers. 
    You can also find our handmade driftwood Christmas Trees that are only available at the markets. Be sure to order your now as they won't last long. 
    See you there!!